Efficient Lockout Programme

Follow the BEST GLOBAL PRACTICE Plan for Creating an Efficient Lockout Program:

Efficient Lockout Program

LO/TO Policy

1 - Create energy control (LO/TO) policy & procedures

The first step is to develop and document a lockout policy that identifies in detail the purpose and scope of the lockout program.
We can help you to create a roadmap for the successful LO/TO program implementation, where you need to execute an audit of all existing potential sources of hazardous energy, create a list, describe procedures and define responsibilities.

Why do you need lockout procedures?

  • Procedures serve as a check sheet to help employees avoid mistakes and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Procedures speed lockout activity, which in turn reduces downtime and improves operational productivity.
  • Documented machine-specific energy control procedures are required by OSHA.

2 - Identify all energy control points

In this step you need to localise and clearly mark all energy control points, including valves, switches, breakers and plugs, with permanently placed labels or tags. Our label makers and Do-It-Yourself Signmarking printing systems together with durable label materials are designed to provide you with reliable and long-lasting identification.

3 - Equip authorised employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices

Brady offers a comprehensive line of LO/TO devices and tools:
Padlocks include safety, non-conductive, brass,
-  Lockouts include Valve, Universal and Circuit breakers, Tags, Labels, Lockout Boxes, Padlock Stations and much more!

lockout tools and warning devices

4 - Train employees and promote awareness of safe work practices

Brady offers its expertise in training employees and supervisors. We can prepare a fair plan for training sessions, define the required content for a particular audience and train your supervisory staff to be able to perform internal training.

safe work practices

Keep in mind all the people in your facility, recognise 3 groups with different needs of awareness degree:

needs of awareness degree

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