Increased Lockout Tagout Efficiency

Highly efficient new Lockout/Tagout tools!

Lockout/Tagout is a life-saving procedure during machine interventions and maintenance. When applied correctly, it isolates machines from their energy supply and blocks their movement. Brady now offers product innovations that increase the application efficiency of Lockout/Tagout without cutting any corners!

Compact Cable Safety Padlock
Two in one

The new Compact Cable Safety Padlock combines a Lockout/Tagout device and a padlock in one easy to apply solution. A strong, PVC encased steel cable replaces the padlock’s shackle and offers great application speed and flexibility. Technicians simply need to wrap the non-conductive cable around moveable objects or valves and lock the attached padlock. It’s as fast as locking a bicycle!
Transparant Gate Lockout
Lock it once

Have you locked your car this morning? Should you go out to check, probably to find it locked anyway? It might be necessary to put your mind at ease, but it is not very efficient. What if you could instantly see if it is locked? The new Transparant Gate Lockout allows professionals to see if a valve is in the closed position, without having to remove the device to check. It offers that reassuring certainty it is safe, without any extra hussle.
Safelex Cable Lockout Device
One for all

The Safelex™ Cable Lockout Device now also features a non-conductive nylon cable to lock out electrical energy sources.  This LoTo device can be locked in place with a padlock from each team member servicing the machine. That means one Safelex™ device will protect all, in true musketeer style. 
Do you want to increase your Lockout/Tagout efficiency? Lock on to the latest LoTo-innovations!


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