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Easier compliance and more workplace safety

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Visual tagging solutions enable companies to increase workplace safety and facilitate compliance with EU Directives by communicating vital information on the equipment itself where it can be seen by all workers.

Easier compliance

Visual tagging solutions each consist out of a durable holder and removable inserts. They facilitate compliance by keeping inspection records on the equipment itself. Inspectors can place the date of their inspection and their signature on the tag's removable insert when the equipment is deemed fit for use. If not, the insert can be removed, leaving a clear 'do not use'-message on the equipment. Workers can immediately see on the equipment itself when it was last inspected and if it was deemed fit for use, along with additional vital safety information to avoid workplace accidents.

3 new solutions


Weekly Inspection Tag

  • Easier compliance with EU Directive 2009/104/EC
  • Designed to fit a wide range of equipment that may require weekly inspections
  • Insert can include a reference number, the type of equipment and up to 12 inspection records with date and signature


Hoarding & Fencing Tag

  • Easier compliance with EU Directive 92/57/EEC
  • Can be attached to any hoarding or fencing
  • Insert can include date of inspection, inspector's signature and comments , who erected the hoarding or fencing, when it was erected + signature, who is responsible for daily inspection, which items need to be checked and which hazards to watch out for within the hoarded or fenced area


TempWorks Tag

  • Easier compliance with EU Directive 92/57/EEC
  • Can be attached directly to a wide range of temporary works
  • Insert can include date and time of inspection, inspector's signature and company, who erected the temporary works, when it was erected, who the Temporary Works coordinator is and what the maximum load is + signature

Outdoor durability

Designed for outdoor use, both the holders and removable inserts are made out of durable, UV-resistant and weatherproof materials. Information added on the inserts should remain legible if written with a permanent marker. The holders can be tightly fastened to a wide range of equipment with cable ties, rivets, screws or adhesives.